• K-Nylon
  • Nylon
  • OPP Heat Sealable 
  • BOPP Plain Film 
  • BOPP Heat Seal Anti-Fog
  • PET Film
  • CPP Film

Flexible packaging Use for :outer-wrap materials such as tissue soft pack/convenience pack lamination film as inner layer substrate for food and non-food packaging - Bread or noodle packaging - Retort pouch - Dry fruit packaging - Meat product packaging

- Cold and hot fog - High seal strength - Seal through contamination

- Printed packaging for consumer products. - Lamination products and adhesive tape - Packaging of bread, garment, agricultural products etc.

Use Nylon as the backing material, single coated ultra high barrier PVDC coated-can do direct printing, coating and composite - Vegetable Packaging - Oil Packaging - Meat/Aquatic Packaging

- Retort foods - Ham and Sausage - Rice and Grain - Frozen foods and Liquid foods - Oil and Cheese packing - Vacuum packing

- Snack and Confectionery (Twistable) - Coffee, tea and milk powder - Household chemicals - Cup lid

A high-quality plastic film that possesses a high level of clarity and flexibility. With its main properties, BOPP is often used to package or wrap products such as straws, cookie or snack boxes, cigarette boxes, condom boxes, cosmetic packages. BOPP can be applied with Corona Treatment on either side of the film, which enhances the ability for BOPP to be sealed by heat. Hence, BOPP is also widely known as BOPP Heat Sealable Film. This type of plastics is designed to be used with high-speed machines both vertical and horizontal type. The thickness of BOPP varies from 15 (0.0015 mm) to 40 (0.0040 mm) microns. BOPP Heat Sealable Film can be broken down further categorizing by the level of clarity, silkiness, and flexibility which makes each of every one of them slightly unique in their own ways.

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